Advance praise for Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write About Love, Courage, and Faith


“It’s rare to find a book that makes you want to sit down and pray with an open heart, but Her Name Is Kaur does just that. This is both an important contribution to women’s studies and a moving testimony to the power of religious community.”  —Daisy Hernández, author of Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism

“Groundbreaking. I read Her Name Is Kaur in one sitting, heart quickening at each page, tears streaming at one point, was like quenching a centuries-long thirst. The courage coursing through each story is unmistakable — and reveals what it means to be a Kaur: with love as her moral compass, she becomes the one she is waiting for.” — Valarie Kaur, National Interfaith Leader and Founder of Groundswell

“Written with honesty and courage. Her Name Is Kaur is a tapestry of love, friendship, commitment, and acceptance. Meeta Kaur’s book is . . . a beautiful journey of the human spirit, self-realization, and ultimately . . . having faith.” —Harpreet Kaur, filmmaker, Sach Productions

Her Name Is Kaur is a very important volume that uses the power of story telling to amplify the voices of Kaurs, and to inspire the rest of us to gain strength from their narratives.  Highly enjoyable for the casual reader, this book is also an indispensable resource for university classes in women’s studies, religion, and immigration studies.” —Rahuldeep Singh, Assistant Professor of Religion, Director of the Center for Equality and Justice Cal Lutheran University

‘Her Name Is Kaur‘ is a special book for Sikh women, yet necessary for a Sikh man. For the Sikh woman it gives a glimpse into your own life, yet transports you into someone else’s in an instant.  For a Sikh man, it reminds him that the story of the Kaur stands shoulder to shoulder with his own and reminds him that he is not alone in the journey to live up to his ideals. Both Kaurs and Singhs, women and men of all races and creed share the same jot – Guru Sahib happen to give Kaurs and Singhs the responsibility to recognize it in ourselves and in others. We can do this with a simple step of working towards bringing the qualities of the Divine within. Very aptly, the beautiful cover of Her Name Is Kaur has the mul mantar written on it reminding us of these divine qualities. Her Name Is Kaur is an important collection for every Sikh home, it is sure to capture a non Sikh audience, as well.”–Jasmine Kaur, Educator. { full review