Couple Love Series: “A spiritual relationship with God and my future husband.”

SatJot and her future husband at the Golden Temple moments before he proposed

SatJot and her future husband at the Golden Temple moments before she proposed


SatJot Khalsa explores the beautiful relationship with God and her husband and how these two relationships not only co-exist but intertwine and influence one another. 

How does your husband inspire your faith?
Ravinder has helped me to find a balanced and intimate way to be with God and to be a Sikh woman in this world. I remember the first time we did Rehras Sahib path together. It was during my trip to Sydney to meet his family during our engagement. I had never done it with anyone before. It happened so suddenly: it was right before dinner time, the sun was setting and he suggested we do it. We sat on his bed next to each other, with our own gutkas, and read the prayer together. I remember feeling so elated that I could have this spiritual relationship with God and my future husband at the same time. On a more physical level, he has encouraged me to find a balance in my appearance as a Western Sikh woman. I learned how to look graceful yet also modern, and feel good about it!

What is your favorite memory with your husband?
Since our time in India together, our babymoon has become my next favorite memory. I was 4 months pregnant when we were finally able to travel together since Ravinder had received his U.S. green card. His sister was getting married in Sydney, so we decided to take a vacation afterwards in New Zealand. We flew in to the south island, rented a car, and spent a week driving almost all the way around the perimeter of the island. Out of all of the wonderful adventures we had, I’d have to say white water rafting in Queenstown was my favorite. They said no pregnant women, but I’d done it before and knew it would be fine. Of course, the whole time we were on the rapids Ravinder was very protective of us. Eventually everyone fell (or were pushed) out of the boat except for me, so I thought I was in the clear until Ravinder decided to change the way he was holding the oar and jabbed me in the belly with its handle! It was pretty hilarious. Baby and I were fine of course- it was the first, but certainly not the last, time she experienced Papa’s cheekiness.

SatJot and her husband on their wedding day

SatJot and her husband on their wedding day

What adventures are on your bucket list to do with your husband?
Swimming with the great white sharks and a safari in South Africa, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, bringing Bhakti to the Golden Temple, traveling to Iceland (neither of us have been!), and going paragliding on one of those vacations!

What do you admire most about your husband? And he you?
He has a very big heart. He is always honest and does the right thing, no matter the situation.
He admires my bubbly, positive personality, and the amount of seva and kirtan that I do.

What is your definition of a happy and successful marriage and how do you and your husband work towards it?
My definition of a happy and successful marriage is one where the husband and wife are open with each other, romantic together, have fun with each other, and make things work no matter what. When Ravinder and I were first married we hadn’t known each other very long so we had some “growing pains.” He moved to New York to live with me in my tiny apartment and couldn’t work for the first six months while he waited for his work visa. I was in my 4th year of teaching middle and high school in the inner city and I was burnt out. I would come home cranky almost every day and we would argue. (Looking back, he was a great “house husband” and often had tea and a snack waiting for me when I got back from work!) We would have heated arguments but we both knew we had a commitment to each other and we’d work through it. We learned what upset the other person and would end arguments with apologies and how we would change things if the same situation were to arise in the future. We hardly argue at all now and when we do, we use the same method to get through it and help us move forward. We giggle and wrestle daily. We go on dates whenever we can (could be more, but we are working on that too!). We surprise each other with little treats to keep things fun and fresh. We are pretty happy.

SatJot Khalsa

SatJot Khalsa

SatJot Kaur Khalsa, MST is a wife and mother, Kirtan player and coordinator in her local gurdwara, and gurdwara manager at 3HO’s International Women’s camp during the summer. This past year she brought her daughter, Bhakti Kaur, to Women’s camp in the desert mountains of Espanola, New Mexico; they camped out together for a week, rose in the Amrit Vela every day, and made sure the morning sadhana and Gurdwara programs ran smoothly. Professionally, SatJot works as a licensed financial planner, as well as an associate producer for Double Exposure Distribution, which is currently helping coordinate the production of the new 3HO Yogi Bhajan feature length documentary.

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