Advanced review of Her Name Is Kaur, by Deepa Kaur

Deepa KaurWe are happy to share an advance review from Deepa Kaur about Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write About Love, Courage, and Faith. Deepa is a Senior Manager, managing Ericsson’s global innovation program which specializes in early venture, incubation, and growth capital financing to a worldwide division. Deepa holds a degree in Computer Engineering from UC Irvine and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

“As a professional Sikh woman born and raised in the US, it was truly refreshing to be able to identify with other Sikh women in the western world and abroad.  I felt that I could relate to almost every story on some level.  As a Sikh mother, it was so inspiring to read about other Sikh mothers and the values of Sikhi they are instilling in their children at a young age. As a Sikh daughter, living in a home with my in-laws, I absolutely loved the stories about parents and in-laws, stories that addressed ethics, virtues and values, and knowing what matters most.  And as a Sikh wife, I adored the stories about marriage and falling in love. Each and every story filled me with such a range of emotions – happiness, sadness, smiles, and some left me in tears. I couldn’t wait to turn each page and read what’s next.  I’m looking forward to coming back to this book time and time again.”

Deepa Kaur lives in San Jose, CA with her husband, Gurpreet, her son, Arjan, and daughter, Meher. While both Deepa and Gurpreet are busy working professionals, they feel blessed to be surrounded by their families and watch their children grow up with all four of their grandparents, providing endless love, values of Sikhi and knowing what matters most.

To reserve a copy of Her Name Is Kaur, please visit:

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