Sharing Her Name is Kaur at Stanford University


From left to right: Jessi Kaur, Meeta Kaur, Sangeeta Luthra.

The Sikh Love Stories Project had the pleasure of discussing the process for organizing and creating Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write About Love, Courage, and Faith, and reading from the story collection at The Center For South Asia on the Stanford Campus.

It was an intimate discussion that opened up pathway discussions about community life, and how we keep growing and evolving as a community, as families, and as individuals. The diversity of voices and perspectives on the panel contributed to a rich dialogue with audience questions we keep returning to as a community. It was meaningful to acknowledge the work that poured into Her Name Is Kaur, and receive such a warm reception.

Here are some of the responses to holding the community discussion:

“I am a 2nd year PhD student in the department of anthropology studying governance in Punjab. The event was a deeply meaningful conversation about the various kinds of tribulations that we face as Sikhs in our lives, and reminded me of how the deep sense of love within Sikhi always buoys us, no matter what the challenge.”

— Ashveer Pal Singh

“Conquering fear and moving beyond narratives of victimization, the four Sikh American women each read to us in the intimate setting of the Roble Theater at Stanford University. Love stories braided together by acts of seva, courtship and kinship filled the space and its hungry audience with not only words but the beauty of hearing a woman’s voice spoken.”

— Gurpreet Ahluwalia-Lopez, Artist/Researcher

“Reading at Stanford University’s Center for South Asia was like a breath of fresh air. To hear the stories out loud made them more than just a literary process. The stories are a declaration of independence, a kind of coming out of our cultural and community closet. To share and discuss stories that have shaped our lives is to also claim our rightful place in our families and in our sangats.”

— Sangeeta Luthra, Professor, Sikh Love Stories Editorial Board Member and Her Name Is Kaur contributor

“Telling my story aloud and listening to other Kaur stories had a tremendous effect on me. I felt connected to my story, my love, my community, and to my Guru in ways that are indescribable. The Kaur spirit is alive and well!”

— Manpreet Kaur Child Psychiatrist and Researcher at Stanford and Her Name Is Kaur contributor

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