An interview with Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur.

Jasleen Kaur.

Jasleen Kaur lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband, Hardeep and two boys, Nihal and Saheb.

Jasleen works for Hewlett Packard Company as a Senior Manager, Compensation. Jasleen and her husband have successful and busy professional lives but manage to spend quality time with the boys almost every evening and weekends to stay connected. They also spend time training the boys to play competitive chess and travel to numerous state/ national level chess tournaments that the boys compete in.

Jasleen and Hardeep strive to maintain a balance between their professional and spiritual lives, in an effort to ground their boys in core Sikh values in their formative years. They believe that as parents, one of the most important tasks that God has given to us in this life, is to do our very best in raising good kids.

As a Sikh woman who we love, Jasleen shares with us a little about the spirituality that sustains her.

Favorite beverage to unwind to?

Homemade fresh Lemonade.

Favorite music to unwind to? 

Waheguru Simran.

Favorite way to spend your free time?

Watching movies with my boys

What are you up to these days?

Growing my backyard vegetable garden here in Gainesville, Florida with all kinds of herbs and vegetables and teaching my kids Gurmukhi language (my new year resolution for 2014!).

Please describe your relationship to Wahe Guru:

Waheguru is my best friend and confidante – someone you can turn to anytime and unburden worries of the world. It may sound cliché but for me, praying and remembering Waheguru is uplifting. It’s just like how meeting a good friend would charge your batteries and rejuvenate you.

Why do you put priority and emphasis on this relationship in your life?

It’s the only relationship that is “forever” in my life. It gives me that sense of safety, balance and calm to have that constant connection with Waheguru. Sometimes in my life I disconnect (get too busy with things), and I then I feel a sense of loss

What is life like living in a state of Chardi Kala?

That’s a really hard one. Most of us know what it means. To me it means being happy in Waheguru’s Hukam and always staying in high spirits. Whatever is happening around us in our lives is Waheguru’s “Bhaana”. Even though I believe in it, I’m guilty of not always being in that state. But I strive to be in that mode as much as I can.

What sustains this mindset of Chardi Kala? What nourishes your connection to Wahe Guru?

From what I have learnt in life is that staying in sadh sangat, and in the company of enlightened souls keeps me in Chardi Kala and keeps my connection to Waheguru alive. It’s not a one-time thing but something that has to be an ongoing effort.

What do you think the Sikh definition of power is in the world?

Sikh power to me comes from our values – values given to us by Guru Nanak. Values of remembering the One God, Handwork and Charity

Jasleen Kaur and family. What is your vision for yourself and your family in this lifetime?

I hope that my family is happy, peaceful and healthy – connected to the Guru always. It’s the balance between physical well-being and spirituality that we are striving for in this lifetime.

What is your vision for Sikhs living in the United States?

I just pray that Sikhi thrives in the US! We have such a rich heritage and it breaks my heart to see that wither away or get attacked.

What is your message of love for Sikh American women?

Your life is what you make of it. Be strong, always believe that Guru is “Ang Sang”, and have faith in the power of prayer.


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